Round pipe polisher
Round pipe polisher
Round pipe polisher is specialized in round pipe polished, removing rolled trace which caused in the process of rolling. The machine can improve expression of products which it manufactured. Also, according to demanded number of polishing sections, from 4 to 16, it can polish sand-faced sides and glossy sides, reaching the achievement of high quality.

Consist of equipment

1. Outline: Auto giving in storage of pipe, Run in table
2. Main engine: Running table,
Polishing system
3. Discharging:
Run put table, Collector
4. Electric system

Specification table

Model Specification speed
TM-50 Ø 9.5~50.8m/m 6~24 m/mim
TM-100 Ø 38.1~101.6m/m 4~12 m/min